5 Reasons to Hire a Realtor to Sell Your Home

With an abundance of online resources out there to help people get the most from the sale of their homes, you may be wondering whether or not a Realtor is a good investment. Why not take the DIY approach and sell it on your own, you can save the commission right? Not only does selling a home yourself come with risks and liabilities, it’s a huge undertaking in time and money.

Even if you do close the sale, you may have missed valuable opportunities to increase your ROI during the process. In addition, the red tape of real estate is highly stressful for inexperienced sellers and can have disastrous consequences if mishandled. Even with so many online resources, a good Realtor is still a necessity to protect your real estate investment. For example, there is over 200 pages of disclosures in Stanislaus County.

At Raynor Real Estate, we are proud of our Realtors amazing service and professionalism, and we are delighted to share our uniqueness and we help our clients get the most for their home with our proven and proprietary strategies. Here are the top five reasons to hire a Realtor.

1. Our Realtors are experienced and know every step of the transaction. When your home is one of your most expensive investments, you want someone who can handle every aspect of selling it. Our Realtors are educated in buying and selling, and will work with you to get the sale you want.

2. Our Realtors know the market conditions. Our Realtors can explain the housing market conditions at both the local and national levels to help you make well-informed decisions. As locals themselves, our Realtors know the market from the inside out: median and average sales prices, list-to-sold ratios, and average per-square-foot costs are just a few of the things our Realtor will know. This information makes a huge difference when beginning the selling process. We do not just average the market which is a normal practice by many even within the business, we differentiate ourselves by taking an approach more closely utilized by appraisers.

3. The Raynor Real Estate Team is certified in negotiating . Buying and selling a home includes so many people beyond just the buyer and the seller. Contractors, insurance agents and loan officers are just a few of the people you would have to deal with on your own without a Realtor. In fact, on average transactions will have over 30 different people who
touch a file prior to closing. Our Realtor knows what’s Right and what isn’t—let Our Realtors fight for you, and you’ll be glad you did.

4. Realtors handle the paperwork. Financial disclosures, mortgages, tax receipts and deeds are just a few of the forms that must be completed during the selling process. Most individuals do not understand they are State and Federal mandated disclosures that are required in every sell whether a Realtor is utilized or not. Beyond the sheer hassle of paperwork, there is the risk of serious consequence. A mistake on real estate paperwork could cost you serious money, or worse, land you in court with little to no defense. As your real estate agent, we will handle the essential details, and make sure you are educated about the bureaucratic side of selling.

5. Our Realtors continues to be a resource even after the ink dries. Even after escrow closes, complications can arise from the sale of a home. You will want a Realtor you can call months or years after the sale – for example, if tax authorities come to collect tax assessments, documentary stamps or transfer tax. We keeps all of your paperwork on file for many years and can help you sort out the legalities post-selling.

At Raynor Real Estate, it is important to us that each of our clients are satisfied. With more than 30 years in Business and the Real Estate Community, we are confident that we can help you become one of our many satisfied customers. If you are considering selling your home, contact one of our Realtors and we can begin the process together.