Hire Correctly


At least in Real Estate make sure you hiring the right service.
Just had a conversation with a commercial client on how we improved their leases and just 1 scenario we resolved what would have turned into a 1 year disaster into 3 days of a favorable outcome for our clients and saved them between $15,000.00 to $20,000.00 because of how we handle our transactions.
In sales we regularly negociate in favor of our clients thousands of dollars. 
We closed another house sale after 2 other brokers failed to sale the property. 9.5 months and only 8 showings, we came in and consulted with the seller. The outcome was raise the price of the house $15,000.00. Obviously the seller was questioning this but within 2 weeks we put over 20 people through and closed it at full price. 
One other one is another home sale where we came in spoke with the seller. The seller thought we should be about $240,000.00 after doing roughly $10,000.00 in upgrades. We discussed the market and who would be looking at that property and we suggested they list at $260,000.00 and 2 weeks later the property was sold at full price, we were able to help secure $30,000.00 for the client.
Know who you’re hiring and are they skillful enough to protect you.