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Who says that the real estate process has to be so daunting?  Get personal, assertive representation and the expertise to protect and guide you right the first time around.  Yes, the first time.  Ask about our “Satisfaction Guarantee”.  We empower you to make sound decisions and to be in control of your real-estate journey both residential and commercial.  You are not like most clients and we’re not like most real estate brokerages. Your real estate plan is just a call or message away. Get assertive non-intrusive representation.


Christopher Raynor BRE 01788471

AKA The Pitbull | CEO / Broker / Realtor®

Passionate. Persuasive. Strategist.

These are three words you rarely associate with a real estate broker.

But that’s exactly who Christopher Raynor is.

Christopher is known as the ‘Realtor’s Realtor’…someone that sellers, investors, and even other agents look to when it comes to selling homes FAST and getting things done.

Let me ask you…

Are you looking for ordinary…or are you looking for EXCEPTIONAL?

Because if you’re just searching for someone to ‘list’ your home and hope for the best, there are thousands of agents to choose from. Take your pick.

See, selling your home isn’t just about a listing. It’s about AUTHENTIC REPRESENTATION. It’s about Marketing, Mindset, Systems, and Conversions

The ‘stuff’ that MOVES HOMES the way YOU want them to move.

And this is precisely where Christopher excels.

With years of experience in the mortgage industry, Christopher has worked hand in hand with countless agents, sellers, buyers, title companies, and attorneys…

So he knows what it takes to get your home sold in record time.

And it’s no wonder. As a lender, Chris accumulated a multitude of standout accolades and awards, including:

  • Million Dollar Club
  • Top Originator of the Year
  • Masters Club Candidate in both Nevada and California

Because Christopher brings his extensive and award-winning lending and funding expertise PLUS his razor sharp real estate savvy to the table…

In addition to co-authoring the bestselling real estate book for home sellers,

“Moving Forward”

Chris has earned a reputation as one of the most respected and highly regarded agents and brokers in the country.

And it’s well deserved.

His compassionate, empathetic, yet asserted negotiation style has lovingly earned him the nickname, “The Pitbull.’

Now, as a home seller, you WANT Christopher in your corner.

With over 30 years of in-the-trenches experience in business and the real estate industry, he knows all the angles, tricks of the trade, and the ‘insider secrets’ of exactly what it takes to get your home sold in record time…

And at your asking price!

You get a breadth and depth of Specialization and Expertise all under one roof…found nowhere else…because Christopher is CERTIFIED in all of these disciplines:

  • Certified Luxury Listing Specialist
  • Certified Negotiation Expert
  • Certified Distressed Property Expert
  • Certified Property Manager
  • Certified Contract Trainer
  • Certified Real Estate Strategist
  • Certified Property Valuator
  • Short Sale and Foreclosure Expert
  • Professional Standards Board
  • Board of Directors for Northern Nevada

What’s more, Christopher’s cutting edge marketing prowess gives you a distinct advantage over all other houses for sale on the market.

It’s not just about having the latest technology and the country’s #1 proprietary marketing system at his fingertips.

It’s about using that technology to make absolutely certain your home is front and center on the MLS and on other carefully chosen, high traffic, and cultivated websites as well…

Including your OWN unique website

Specifically designed by Christopher and his team to showcase your home and generate a TON of traffic and eyeballs to your listing.

Here’s what you can expect when you work with Christopher and The Raynor Team…

  1. A Master Plan…Chris strategizes and customizes a clear, concise, tailor made blueprint for the entire home selling process. This is the furthest thing from a “one size fits all approach.’
  1. You get a proprietary 89 Point Marketing Plan designed to attract a flood of buyers and offers to your door. There’s simply nothing else like this anywhere!
  1. Your very own Team of Experts by your side, from listing to closing…and beyond. It’s like having your very own Dream Team working together to sell your home:

Origination Team                                           Closing Department

Transaction Management Team                   Media Publication Team

Exclusive Listing Team                                 Title and Escrow Team

Exclusive Buyers Team                                 Lending Team

Marketing Team

Everything you see included when you list with Christopher. EVERYTHING. You get…

  • A magnetic marketing machine that puts your home front and center
  • A transactional specialist who monitors every detail of the listing and the sale
  • A marketing team that places your property on dozens of websites and drives massive targeted traffic to your listing for maximum exposure
  • Exclusive buyers agents and listing agents for white glove service and attention
  • Hand picked escrow and title agents who cater to your specific needs
  • Award winning lenders to speed the loan process
  • A relocation team that’s ranked tops in the nation
  1. Whether you’re selling or buying, the conversions and numbers speak for themselves. If you’re a seller, we sell TWICE as fast as the national average. And we get you 99% of the list price or higher. As a buyer, you’ll pay 95% of list or less.
  1. No matter what side of the transaction you’re on…selling or buying…know that a Pitbull is working for you night and day.

Now, there’s one caveat…but it’s one that I know you’ll appreciate. And it’s this:

Because of his stellar reputation in the real estate community, the demand to work with Christopher and his team is simply overwhelming.

The Raynor Team only takes a select few clients each month. And that’s because of the exhaustive time, care, and devotion spent on your personal and special needs when it comes to selling your home.

See, not all homes and situations are created equal. We also take your lifestyle and schedule into consideration throughout the entire listing and sale process.

Each client listing is custom tailored and marketed to find the right buyer quickly and easily…

So you get a hassle-free escrow and top dollar for your home.

Unlike some of the more popular real estate ‘chain’ agencies which you’re familiar with…where you’re just another number in the never-ending parade of nameless prospects…

And where 99% of the agents will do or say anything to get a listing and take on any Joe or Jane who calls or drops in at the office…

That’s NEVER the case with Christopher and his team.

The Raynor Team is a distinctive and specialized boutique brokerage with offices in Reno, NV and Modesto, CA that delivers red carpet attention and service every time…unmatched by ‘the other guys.’

So here’s the deal. To see if you’re the right fit to list with The Raynor Team, an initial strategy session must be scheduled.

Schedule right now to schedule your personal strategy session.  http://www.meetwithchris.com

Ask the hard questions…and we’ll do the same. Because selling your home is something that not only demands attention to detail, but also the right people and personalities to guarantee success.

Remember, Christopher only takes on a few select clients each month. So book your Real Estate Strategy Session TODAY!


Christopher Raynor is a born businessman and entrepreneur. He starte his first business at the ripe old age of 8. In his mid 20’s, he had 6 auto detailing shops. He expanded his auto detailing to include high pressure commercial and residential real estate washing and cleaning services. He sold his successful businesses twelve years later and easily transitioned to mortgage lending and private hard money lending, both in the residential and commercial sectors.

Christopher is a devoted husband and father. Married for 17 years to his beautiful wife, he is the proud dad to an 13 year old son and a 10 year old daughter. When it comes to philanthropy, Christopher devotes much of his time to supporting charities all over the world…teaching finance, leadership, and public speaking at business conferences.

When he’s not selling homes and making money for his real estate clients, Chris is all about Family, Faith, Fun, and Passion.